Introductory Note

These are the official writings, videos, and more that BSA recommends all Socialists explore, regardless of skin color.

Please remember to read, watch, or listen to the content shared below with a healthy dose of skepticism, and to use your critical thinking skills. Just because one figure is correct on most issues does not mean that they are correct on all issues, and just because another figure is incorrect on most issues does not mean that they are incorrect on all issues.

The truth lies between and beyond all of the words our greatest revolutionaries and theorists have spoken, therefore we mustn’t fetishize the leaders of the past, or be apologists for the errors in their ways; we must learn from the mistakes in their methods in an effort to develop realistic approaches that stay true to the socialistic principles we all claim to embody.

Note: All of the titles are links to the readings themselves!

Recommended Readings Part 1: The Introduction

Note: If you are more of a visual or audio learner, then please scroll down to see our "Recommended Videos" list. That said, a certain degree of reading will be required for you to achieve a thorough understanding of Socialism as a concept, in addition to the means by which we are to reach a Socialist/Communist society.

The following list of readings are articles or excerpts from larger works for those of you who may not feel like devoting hours out of each day to diving deep into understanding Socialism. This reading list is for people who may get the basic gist of why Capitalism is bad, but who may not be too familiar with Socialism as a theory. Much of these works deal with secondhand interpretations or explanations, so please make sure to explore more fundamental works further down below.

With these readings, you’ll have to think deeply, but maybe not as long or hard as you would have to think when reading an entire book:

Recommended Readings Part 2: The Longer Reads

If you want to call yourself a Socialist, or you already consider yourself one, then this is the list for you:

Recommended Readings Part 3: The Longest Reads

Most of these works are incredibly long and dense, so many of you probably won’t take the time to read through them, but sites like or have plenty of content that summarizes and provides analyses on much of what is shared here, and they also provides key excerpts.

These are works that are considered essential readings for understanding the foundation upon which we base our socialist theory and/or understanding today, in conjunction with historical records (in other words: this is some OG sh!t):

Relevant Bonus:

Recommended Readings Part 4: Don’t Forget the Dialectics

The following readings were written by figures who actually implemented various forms of State Capitalism and supported authoritarianism, but who are mistakenly considered by many to be among the first individuals to bring “real” Socialism or Communism to the world.

It is important to take from their works whatever knowledge we can, but to also look at the facts and/or history in conjunction with this knowledge in order to gain a more serious understanding of what actually occurred in much of the 20th century:

Recommended Readings Part 5: On the Same Page

The readings below mesh with and tie into our praxis and/or strategy as an organization. If you've made it through many of the readings listed before these, then processing what's below will not be very difficult for you!

Historical Focus:

Strategical Focus:

Recommended Videos

Some of the videos below are long, and others are short.

Some of the videos below are dense, and others are straightforward.

But all of the videos below are beneficial in one way or another when it comes to developing more of an understanding of what the Socialist tradition is, and what its history (and future) in this world is.

Education is incredibly important, but you don't have to take our word for it; hear what Fred Hampton had to say...

Richard Wolff on Capitalism

Noam Chomsky on Democracy in the Workplace

What Is Socialism? (Socialism Explained)

Marxism 101: How Capitalism is Killing Itself with Dr. Richard Wolff

Socialism in America with Abby Martin

Empire Files: Peter Joseph & Abby Martin on Abolishing Capitalism

The Betrayal by the Black Elite with Cornel West and Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges and Cornel West in Conversation - Wages of Rebellion | The New School

Richard Wolff: On Bernie Sanders and Socialism

W.E.B. DuBois Speaks! Socialism and the American Negro (Full)

Bayard Rustin: Live Speech on the Freedom Budget

Noam Chomsky on Socialism

Noam Chomsky - What Was Leninism? | March 15th, 1989

Noam Chomsky on Marxism vs. Leninism

Bernie Sanders + Noam Chomsky: Deciphering Foreign Policy Jargon - May 2nd, 1985 | Part 1 of 2

Noam Chomsky on Bakunin’s Predictions

“The Capitalist System” by Mikhail Bakunin

State Capitalism - Why the USSR Wasn’t Socialist - Amy Leather

The Murder of Fred Hampton (Full Documentary)

Steve McQueen and Dr. Cornel West on Paul Robeson, Art, and Politics

The Feminist on Cellblock Y

Kali Akuno: After Dallas

Jessica Gordon Nembhard: Cooperative Economics and Civil Rights