Our Strategy

Part number three in our mission list reads as follows:

"Mobilizing poor and working class Black American people for revolutionary change in both the public and private sectors."

This is the meat and potatoes of our overall focus as an organization, and it is why we are partnering up with both Cooperation Jackson and Symbiosis, who are already working to develop a national network of, and infrastructure for, Worker Self-Directed Enterprises (WSDE cooperatives) and communes here in America (building dual power).

Here is the short of the vision:

  1. More WSDE cooperatives (democratically owned and ran workplaces).
  2. Networks of WSDE cooperatives united under internationalist confederations (WSDE co-ops united under larger groups committed to international Socialism).
  3. Confederations that buy out political power (larger groups repping democratic workplaces that then buy the politicians).
  4. Political power that leads to subsidization of WSDE cooperatives (political power that leads to government hookups for WSDE co-ops).

The Symbiosis Research Collective has written a thorough paper on this strategy, Community, Democracy, and Mutual Aid: Toward Dual Power and Beyond, which received first prize in the non-student category of the Next System Project’s national essay competition. Kali Akuno (of Cooperation Jackson) and Ajamu Nangwaya provide deeper insight into what our greater strategy entails within the book Jackson Rising.

BSA has amassed a social media following of over 25,000 people in just a matter of months, and our rate of growth is only increasing. We have an internal working group made up of over 30 core BSA volunteers already dedicated to our overall mission, and hundreds volunteering through our sign-up form. Once we have more things together on the infrastructural side, we anticipate significant growth. Not only this, but we are a part of a developing rainbow coalition that will include Socialists from a variety of ethnic groups who share our same focus and strategy; as of now, the following sibling organizations are already in development:

• Jewish Socialists of America

• Appalachian Socialists of America

• Indigenous Socialists of America

Our plan is to not only raise class consciousness within our own communities, but to begin to funnel our organizers into specific and localized initiatives focused on bringing democracy to the common sector in very concrete and tangible ways and, through Symbiosis, connect more poor and working class Black Americans with WSDEs and communes already in existence throughout the country.

We are working through the ethnic divides of America in order to bring everyone to a multi-ethnic plane of direct action.