BSA Is Joining Forces with Cooperation Jackson

Posted by BSA Staff on 9th Aug 2018

During the 2018 Fearless Cities North America Regional Municipalist Summit in New York City from July 27th to the 29th, Z and Sean of BSA met with Kali Akuno, brandon king, and other members of the Cooperation Jackson team to discuss ways in which BSA can greater serve their vision at the micro level, and our more macro vision as well, best encapsulated by our partner organization Symbiosis.

We are proud to announce that BSA will be formally partnering up with Cooperation Jackson moving forward, and that Kali, brandon, and other members of the CJ team will be having direct involvement in many of our processes moving forward.

For those who don't already know, Cooperation Jackson is a cooperative network based in Jackson, Mississippi thats basic theory of change is centered on the position that "organizing and empowering the structurally under and unemployed sectors of the working class, particularly from Black and Latino communities, to build worker organized and owned cooperatives will be a catalyst for the democratization of our economy and society overall."

The broad mission of Cooperation Jackson is to advance the development of economic democracy in Jackson, Mississippi by building a solidarity economy anchored by a network of cooperatives and other types of worker-owned and democratically self-managed enterprises. For more context and information, please feel free to begin exploring their website starting here.

We are extremely proud to be working with other Black Americans who not only share a detailed vision for what Black liberation and human liberation can look like, but who have already started working to build an alternative socioeconomic system upon a foundation with decades of rich history built into it!

For a very real and sober introduction to where the Cooperation Jackson focus lies, please check out the video below.

For a more detailed look into the "vision," and deeper insight into what our greater strategy entails, please consider giving Jackson Rising a read. The book, authored by Kali Akuno and Ajamu Nangwaya, outlines where we've been, where we are, and where we must go in order to see to it that we reach a truly socialist society as poor and working class people here within America.