Black Socialists of America is a 501(c)(4) organization (tax exemption pending).

Donations made to Black Socialists of America are not deductible as charitable contributions as of now.

All donations made to Black Socialists of America will not be tax-deductible until our 501(c)(3) status is finalized.

Hold up...

You weren’t just gonna give us your money without seeing where it’s going, were you?!

Okay, good...

A lot of nonprofits today are bureaucratic, corporate vessels for nothing but careerism and opportunism.

It doesn’t matter which celebrity co-signed.

It doesn’t matter how much media coverage there is.

Only give your financial support to entities that are effectively doing something – not entities seeking monetary gain and ultimately putting maintenance of the status quo over facilitating substantial change.

All donations given to BSA will go toward the following areas:

  • Website/application development and upkeep (this includes monthly server costs, annual domain costs, operational security, and UI/UX design).

  • Educational content creation (this includes writing costs, video production costs, graphic design costs, and curricular development costs).

  • Legal services (this includes basic filing fees, as well as standard legal and accounting service costs).

  • Communications services (this includes both external and internal communication costs).

  • Promotional materials (this includes costs for the limited printing of physical educational materials, or the costs for resources/materials used in creative grassroots organization promotion).

  • Travel (only when necessary or required, limited funds will be used to pay travel costs for BSA members integral to specific events or activities).

  • Cooperation Jackson (most important to us is taking in the resources and capital necessary to help expand on Cooperation Jackson’s operations, and bringing true democracy to the common sector – donate to CJ directly).

  • Symbiosis (website/application development).

Donor List

The following individuals have donated to Black Socialists of America:

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