Who We Are

Founded in 2017, Black Socialists of America (BSA) is a coalition of anticapitalist, internationalist Black Americans who believe in the core principles of Socialism as defined by Karl Marx (see here).

We are a nonsectarian, "Scientific Socialist" organization (see here) made up of people who identify as many different things under the “Hard Left” umbrella, however we do not support egoists or insurrectionists, nor do we support highly centralized leadership (see here) or State Capitalism (see here).

We are Black Americans who are aware that we’ve been victimized, but refuse to be victims.

We are Black Americans who experience racism, but realize that race is a social construct.

We are Black Americans who fight for our own, but in a greater fight for humanity.

For a much more comprehensive look at what we stand for as an organization, please see our official statement of core principles and objectives here (mobile version here).

Our Mission

1. Organizing and creating a national platform and network for those who identify as Black American Socialists.

2. Going out into poor and working class Black American communities to educate and create an ongoing dialogue about Socialism and Capitalism.

3. Mobilizing poor and working class Black American people for revolutionary change in both the public and private sectors.

Twitter Feed

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